Medio UniSono eco
  • Allows electrotherapy, ultrasound or combined stimulation
  • Electrotherapy: IF 4-pole, IF 2-pole, Russian, EMS and TENS
  • Multifrequency ultrasound probe: 1 MHz or 3 MHz
  • Therapy can be conducted on surface and deeper tissues to reduce swelling, inflammations and chronic pain
  • Ergonomically shaped and waterproof ultrasound probe with visual and sound indicators of skin contact

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Medio Multi ecoThe professional Medio Multi eco dual-channel device offers multiple types of low- and medium-frequency electrotherapy with 16 different signalshapes.
The MEDIO MULTI eco device offers complete electrotherapy and several therapeutic possibilities that every physiotherapist needs. All these options are combined in a single device that is extremely useful for any intensive, patient-focused therapy.


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Medio if ecoDual-channel portable device with interferential, microcurrent, muscle and TENS
electrical stimulation


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Multi STYM eco

MULTI STYM eco represents a state-of-the-art in muscle stimulation and pain relief therapy. The device offer the user a wide range of applications in sports medicine, rehabilitation, vascular and pain relief therapy, and in wellness programs. They enable a safe and effective treatment of healthy as well as damaged muscles, increase local blood and lymph circulation, reduce the local fat, and help relieve acute and chronic pain.

Large display, a selection of programs covering a variety of indications, simple setting of treatment parameters, and small size make the device extremely user-friendly.

Although they are basically intended to be used by the professionals, their easy-to-use operation makes them a valuable tool also for home use.


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Medio MultiThe MEDIO MULTI is a unique device offering the complete electrotherapy and electrodiagnostic in a single unit. Diadynamic and interferential currents, TENS, neuromuscular stimulation, and iontophoresis cover almost all applications performed in the physiotherapy office. Additionally, the device can be connected to the ultrasound and vacuum devices in order to make the therapy even more effective and easier.


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Medio STYM

The MEDIO STYM is a complex device for muscle stimulation and diagnosis, and therapy of different muscle disorders. It offers several treatment modalities: square pulses, triangular pulses, 2/5 currents according to Traebert, Russian stimulation, and classic iontophoresis.

Besides 20 pre-set programs with adjustable parameters, the device allows a creation of 15 individual programs. The practitioner can, therefore, select the parameters according to the patient`s condition and expected treatment results.

The MEDIO STYM is intended to be used in hospitals, health centers and sport clubs.

Cryo FormerThe CRYO FORMER is based on the principle of cryo-iontophoresis - an improved classic iontophoresis method. The medication solution is applied to the treatment site in the form of a rolling ice cup representing an active electrode. Such approach ensure that the concentration of active substance penetrating the skin is not changing during the therapy. Additionally, the skin resistance is further decreased by using the current frequency of 4000 Hz, therefore larger drug amount reaches the target tissue beneath the skin surface.
Last but not least, the ice prevents the common side effects of the iontophoresis such as skin reddening, blistering, petechiae, burns.


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Medio IF

The Medio IF is a two-channel device that enables the therapist to perform a wide range of treatments. Beside the classic four-pole interference, the device also offers two-pole and four-pole interferential therapy with vector. Adjustable intensity, frequency, spectrum, and therapy time allow the individual therapy program to be created for each patient.

The pre-set programs covering all the applications make the device user-friendly and help the clinician to decide upon the treatment parameters faster and easier.


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Medio DynThe MEDIO DYN is a computer controlled device offering standard diadynamic currents (MF, DF, CP, LP), 2-pole interference, Russian stimulation and iontophoresis. The selection of the current form for a certain treatment is easy and user-friendly. Beside the pre-set programs containing only one current form, also the combinations of different current forms are available in certain programs. All the parameters (type and shape of current, duration of the current sequence) in the pre-set programs can be increased/decreased by the user. Additionally, the device allows the practitioner to create and store his/her own program that fits to each individual patient.


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