Iskra Medical is a leading manufacturer of medical devices for physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and aesthetic medicine.

Currently, our production assortment includes the Electrotherapy, Ultrasound therapy, Vacuum therapy, Cryo Ionto therapy, Laser therapy, Pressure - Lymph Drainage, Magneto therapy, FMS - Functional Magnetic Stimulation , IPL - Intense Pulse Light, and IRF - Radio Frequency equipment and supplemental products.



Build Muscle with TESLA Former prestige


Total body magnetic muscle stimulation and body sculpting with Tesla Former - Functional Magnetic Stimulation.

FMS technology works to stimulate the muscles, inducing supramaximal contractions to build muscle cells quicker than achieved by voluntary muscle contractions experienced during traditional strength training.


Tesla Former abs2 Tesla Former glutes2 Tesla Former arms legs Tesla Former pelvic floor incontinence2


Targeting the rectus abdominis muscle, transversus abdominis and the obliques for a better definition.


Targeting the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus to lift the buttocks, shape it and tone it.


Targeting the biceps & triceps muscles for a better defined and shaped arms, targeting the quadriceps, hamstring area & calves for a stronger and better shaped legs


Strengthening the pelvic floor & back muscles for Urinary Incontinence problems, Sexual Health and Chronic Pain, also for core therapy for a better posture.



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