Medio Multi eco


  • Dual-channel device offers multiple types of low- and medium-frequency electrotherapy
  • with 16 different signal shapes
  • 5 standard and 5 adjustable programs for any signal shape
  • Two different therapies can be conducted simultaneously
  • Therapeutic possibilities: Interferential therapy (two-pole and four-pole), Diadynamic currents (MF, DF, CP, LP), Russian muscle stimulation, Muscle stimulation, TENS, EMS, Ionophoresis



The MEDIO MULTI eco device offers complete electrotherapy and several therapeutic possibilities that every physiotherapist needs. All these options are combined in a single device that is extremely useful for any intensive, patient-focused therapy. By simply pressing a few buttons, you can choose the optimal therapy.

Several standard programs are available, but the therapy can also be set completely individually. Buttons allow the frequency range, pulse duration, therapy duration and therapy type to be adjusted. The device has two separate outputs that can be adjusted completely independently, allowing two different therapies to be performed simultaneously.


Output signal shapes:

  • IF – Interference 4 full
  • IF – Interference 2 full
  • TENS - asymmetrical
  • EMS
  • TENS – monophasic
  • TENS – alternating
  • Russian stimulation
  • Microcurrents
  • MF – Monophase Fixe
  • DF – Diphase Fixe
  • CP – Courtes Periodes
  • LP – Longues Periodes
  • VMS
  • VMS Burst
  • Ionoforeza
  • Ionoforeza – uninterrupted


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