medio tens


  • Dual-channel battery device with TENS electrical stimulation
  • Portable stimulators for pain relief
  • Recommended for home use
  • Therapy settings and intensity can be adjusted by analog buttom
  • Output shapes:
    • TENS - Electrostimulation



Acute and chronic pain disturb the equilibrium of the human body and put a strain on the nervous system. Different analgesics have proven to be very effective for pain relief, but their use is usually accompanied by side-effects that can be unpleasant or even damaging for the patient. Effective alternatives with no side effects are thus becoming more and more popular worldwide.

Operating modes: • TENS: N - normal, M - pulse width modulation, M1 - pulse rate modulation, B - burst
Pulse waveform: • Asymmetric biphasic, square
Frequency: • 2 - 150 Hz
Output current: • 0 - 80 mA
Pulse width:

• 30 - 260 μs


Device Medio TENS is available in two different basic set (see brochure):

  • Medio TENS (Code: 1800527)
  • Medio TENS mini (Code: 1800528)


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