Green Sack Classic


  • Intermittent hypobaric therapy in a vacuum sack
  • treat sports-related injuries, inflammations and pain,
  • prepare sportsmen for training and competitions by oxygenating tissue,
  • improve blood and lymph circulation,
  • accelerate the process of waste and toxin elimination from the body,
  • shorten the leg sore muscle after intensive exercise,
  • strengthen the immune system.



The Green SACK Classic and Green SACK Exclusive are a unique combination of intermittent hypobaric therapy in vacuum sack and radial endodermo therapy (RDT®) that allow them to be used for a variety of physical and sports medicine.

Green Sack Classic therapy

A proprietary system of distance cloths in the vacuum sack affects the upper skin layers (presso effect) as well as deeper vein and lymph systems (vacuum effect). The negative pressure presses the blood and lymph fluid out of the capillary system into the vein and lymph system in the deeper layers. The blood circulation volume in the deep vessels is increased, and the vein circulation is improved even in the areas where it tends to be blocked. When the negative pressure is released (the intermittent mode of operation), the blood and lymph return to the capillary system. This mechanism improves the general arterial and vein circulation as well as local capillary circulation in the papillary and reticular dermis. As a consequence, the transfer of nutritious substances and oxygen between the skin layers as well as the elimination of metabolic toxins are accelerated.

Adjustable vacuum intensity, duration and therapy time allow the practitioner to select the settings according to the patient’s condition and desired results.

There are available two different design:  - Green SACK Classic (Code: 1800350)
  - Green SACK Exclusive (Code: 1800351)

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