medio laser combi


  • Laser therapy is used to reduce swelling, inflammation and chronic pain
  • Can be used for treatment of both superficial and deeper tissues
  • Continuous wave laser probes - wavelengths from 655 to 810 nm, output powers from 30 to 500 mW
  • Pulsed laser probe with wavelength of 904 nm and maximum peak power of 20 W
  • A laser shower can be used for larger areas



The Medio LASER combi device is a universal biostimulative laser that can perform continuous or pulsed laser therapy. The continuous regime is suitable for superficial illnesses while the pulsed regime is used for illnesses that manifest in deeper tissue. The laser biostimulates cells. Stimulation intensity, dosage and total time are directly related. Therapy can be performed with different probes or with the shower.

Laser probes:
One pulsed probe and several types of continuous laser probes with different wavelengths and output power are available. Higher probe power allows faster therapy and treatment of deeper tissues.

The pulsed laser probe:
Has a wavelength of 904 nm. The carrier frequency of the pulsed light is 6400 Hz. It is modulated into trains of different frequencies (1 to 3200 Hz) that the user can set manually. Maximum peak power is 20 W while average output power is 20 mW. Due to its high peak power, the pulsed diode is used to treat deeper tissues.

Laser shower:
Suitable for therapy of larger areas where contact with the skin is permitted and/or desired.


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