• Functional Magnetic Stimulation FMS
  • New innovative joint pain relief treatment
  • Noninvasive and painless method
  • Easy to reach every part of the body
  • Magnetic field strength up to 2.5 Tesla
  • Possibility of fixing the applicator



How does a magnetic field activate a muscle?

FMS magnetic filed propagates deep into the tissue and it is not impeded by clothes, skin, muscles or bones. Deep in the tissues super inductive magnetic field is transformed into local electrical field. Both field combined achieve the therapeutically effects of tissue healing, muscle activation, muscle relaxation and pain relief. The desired effects are achieved by setting different parameters of the therapy.


What are the advantages of TESLA Stym FMS, Functional Magnetic Stimulation?

  • FMS allows stimulation of deep muscle structures that cannot be reached by FES
  • FMS effectively stimulates muscle tissue without direct skin contact
  • FMS is painless, noninvasive and thus suitable for patients where FES cannot be used
  • The applicator can be fixed to the body or the therapist can perform therapy manually
  • Manually moving the applicator allows motor units to be found easily, enabling effective stimulation
  • No negative side effects are known in the literature as long as contraindications are taken into account



• Musculoskeletal disorders: degenerative arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical pain, muscle pain
• Spinal disorders: acute/chronic lumbago, hip gout (sciatica), spina bifida, spondylitis
• Nerve disorders: peripheral nerve damage
• Muscle relaxation, frozen shoulder
• Nerve or muscle rehabilitation after fractures
• Pain control for muscle atrophy, spasm, ankylosis
• Genitourinary diseases: prostate pain
• Acute pain control
• Sports injuries


FMS can also be used in the treating the pelvic floor disorders (e.g. urine incontinence). For treating the pelvic floor disorders please refer to the Magento Stym device with the applicator built in the seat of the chair and in the back of the chair.

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