Physio station


  • Innovative device is based on revolutionary CPTechnology
  • It combines capacitive radiofrequency deep heating, radial endodermo therapy (RDT®) and cryo therapy
  • Efficiently and painless deep heating of all locomotor system tissues. It is especially important that the temperature of the deeper layers is higher than the temperature of the skin surface. Thus, no surface cooling is necessary.
  • It is used for rapid treatment of acute and chronic injuries, pain relief and inflammation relief.



CPTechnology™ works by generating a high-frequency electric field between the applicator and the reference electrode. Both electrodes are separated from the tissue. Electrons inside the molecules are affected by the electric field, causing them to spin slightly around their equilibrium. The friction caused by molecule movement emits the heat used for therapy. The advantage of CPTechnology™ is the low energy needed to achieve the desired goals. The therapy represents a noninvasive, painless, safe and very effective alternative to lasers and surgical interventions.


Radial endodermo therapy (RDT®) - significantly increases capillary permeability, which accelerates the supply of natural nourishing substances, oxygen, dietary minerals and enzymes. Additionally, it improves the hydration of the extracellular matrix, which leads to fibroblast activation and the growth of new cells. The structure of collagen and elastic fibers is repaired, and muscle tone improves.


Cryo therapy represents an extremely innovative therapy that becomes even more effective in combination with other therapeutic methods (radial endodermo therapy (RDT®) and CPTechnology™. Cryo therapy is a very simple and effective therapeutic method. First, the tissue temperature is decreased, thus causing vasoconstriction, slowing the metabolism and reducing oxygen consumption. This relieves pain and reduces blood circulation. Once cooling ceases, the veins and tissues expand again, increasing circulation and speeding up the recovery of injured muscles and connective tissue. Cryo therapy is used to treat acute and chronic injuries, to treat burns, to reduce swelling, to treat inflammations and to relieve pain. Combinations of all the aforementioned therapies yield very positive results.



  • PAIN RELIEF: cervical pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, hip pain, pubalgia (including ischiatic pain)
  • MUSCLES: stiff neck, myositis, contractures, atrophy, muscle stretch, muscle warm-up, restless muscle syndrome
  • NEURAL: neuralgia, neuropathy, trigeminal neuralgia, Morton’s neuroma, nerve compressions (carpal tunnel or tarsal tunnel syndrome), metatarsalgia, lumbosacral neuralgia
  • TENDONS: tendinitis, tendinopathy, epicondylitis, epitrochlear inflammation, calcaneal periostitis, fibromyalgia, achilles tendonitis
  • JOINTS: arthritis, arthrosis, stiff joints, humeroscapular periarthritis, pseudoarthrosis, polyarthritis, distorsions, gonarthrosis, osteocartillage pathologies
  • VARIOUS: bursitis, acute edema, fibrous edema, hyperhydrosis, recent scars, keloids, gout, Reynolds syndrome, psoriasis, fatigue, swollen feet, kidney inflammations, rheumatism


There are available in two different design:  - Physio Station (Code: 1800410)
  - Physio Station prestige (Code: 1800412)

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