Terapevtska mize  

• Electric or hydraulic therapeutic tables
• Ergonomically designed
• Stabile, with different settings
• Different colors


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prenosna masazna miza  

• Portable, light and functional
• Easy to use
• Ergonomically designed
• Safe and stabile, with adjustable height
• Models in different colors
• Practical portable bag


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• Chairs for therapist
• Pedicure chairs
• Massage chair


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Hand Force prestige   

• Objective assessment of grip force control
• Measurement of two grips: cylindrical grip and lateral grip
• Storage of patient’s data and their presentation in graph form
• The HandForce prestige™ device is designed to combine measurement of maximal grip force control and hand forcetracking tasks in one system


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Different types of sterilizers which eliminates the risk of cross infection trough contaminated instruments:

• Sterelize with hot air.
• Sterelize with UV light
• Sterelize with steam sterilization


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Vapozon   The device is considered by cosmeticians as the most important electric device that it is used for facial and body treatment. It enables depth cleaning of skin with the help of steam, improves blood circulation and sterilises skin with ozon. Practical and safe device with electronic setting ofheating and alarm for greater safety and energy saving.


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depilation line  

Different types of depilatory wax heaters. It is very safe and user-friendly, making it suitable both for professional and home use. Since its shape allows completely even heating, 100% of the wax in the cartridge is melted. Additional insulation prevents the device from overheating even after several hours of constant use. Hair removal with the VELVET LADY is quick, effective and completely safe.


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Beauty Tower  

Beauty Tower is professional multifunctional system which offers therapist a variety of cosmetic treatments: high-frequency, brush, cold-heat therapy, facial steamer, lamp, Wood lamp, vacuum therapy and spray. Working with the system is easy and user friendly. Each function can be operated independently or used at the same time not interfering each other. System ensures safety to therapist and patient.


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