Medio Sono


  • Ultrasound therapy with the frequency of 1 MHz or 3 MHz
  • Continuous mode of operation and pulsed mode with modular frequencies of 16, 48 or 100 Hz
  • Large 5 cm² and small 1 cm² ultrasound heads available for both 1 MHz and 3 MHz options
  • The ultrasound can be applied in two modes, continuous and pulsed.
  • Combination with other physiotherapy devices (Medio IF, Medio DYN, Medio IF-DYN, Medio MULTI)



The Medio SONO is 2-channel ultrasound device. The ultrasound therapy have been recognized as a very effective modality for treating different malfunctions of neuromuscular system. Acoustic energy of ultrasound waves penetrates the tissue and causes molecules to vibrate, thus producing heat and mechanical energy. The temperature in the target tissue increases what significantly improves bloods supply, and consequently promotes healing.

The MEDIO SONO has been designed to support both 1 MHz and 3 MHz ultrasound heads. The classic therapeutic frequency of 1 MHz penetrating deep into the tissue is mainly used for treatment of the structures such as joints and tendon, whereas the frequency of 3 MHz affects cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue, and is therefore an ideal tool for treatment of advanced cellulite stages. The ultrasound can be applied in two modes, continuous and pulsed. In continuous mode, the heat is transferred to the body tissues resulting in thermal effect what makes this mode perfect for the therapy of chronic diseases. On the other hand, in pulsed mode the waves are delivered in short pulses what prevents the tissue heating. This mode provides a micromassage effect and is mainly used for treatment of acute conditions.

1 MHz and 3 MHz ultrasound heads of two different sizes, adjustable therapy time and intensity make the MEDIO SONO the universal ultrasound device suitable for both medical and cosmetic treatments. In addition, it can be connected to other Iskra Medical instruments, and used simultaneously with diadynamic and interferential currents.

Ultrasound indications for use: acute and subacute traumatic and inflammatory conditions, chronic rheumatoid and arthritic conditions, venous ulcers and pressure sores, scar tissue and excessive fibrous tissue, pain relief.


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