Medio VAC


  • A device for attaching the electrodes to the treatment site with suction
  • Continuous or intermittent suction
  • Stand-alone device that can be used in combination with electrotherapy (diadynamic, interferential or stimulating currents)
  • A range of vacuum electrodes of various sizes available
  • Fast and simple attachment of the electrodes



The Medio VAC are computer controlled devices used for attaching the electrodes to the patient’s body with suction. This technique replaces a time consuming attachment of electrodes with elastic/ rubber straps or expensive self-adhesive electrodes, and therefore makes the work in health centers, hospitals, and spas faster, easier, and cost effective.

Despite being powerful, the devices remain small and portable so the user can move them around and even use them in the field. The devices offer the user three different modes of operation: constant vacuum, low frequency intermittent vacuum, high frequency intermittent vacuum.

Because of the adjustable power of the suction devices enable a range of possible treatments suited to each patient.

Three main advantages of these devices are:

  • Fast and simple attachment of the electrodes,
  • Better contact between the skin and electrode which improves conduction of electric currents,
  • Intermittent vacuum suction accelerates blood circulation and the exchange of nutrients between blood and tissues.

The devices can be used as a stand-alone unit or in combination with several devices manufactured by Iskra Medical:

  • Medio DYN (diadynamic currents),
  • Medio IF (interferential currents),
  • Medio STYM (stimulation of muscles and nerves),
  • Medio MULTI (combined electrotherapy),
  • Medio MULTISONO (combined electrotherapy),
  • Medio MULTI eco (combined electrotherapy),
  • Medio UniSONO (combined electrotherapy).


Interfacing the devices with the chosen companion device is simple by using the sockets on the rear side of the devices and appropriate cables.


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