• The device is considered by cosmeticians as the most important electric device that it is used for facial and body treatment
  • It enables depth cleaning of skin with the help of steam
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Sterilizes skin with ozone
  • Practical and safe device with electronic setting of heating and alarm for greater safety and energy saving



Vapozone therapy:

  • to prepare skin for deep cleaning
  • heating and softening the skin
  • increase blood circulation
  • accelerate local metabolic processes

Ozone therapy:

  • stem with ozone has disinfection and anti-inflammatory effect to the skin
  • effective for acne removal
  • accelerate cells renewal
  • fresher, firmer and youthful skin


Vapozon SF1

Code: 33900294

LCD display for easy adjustment and parameters overview

Therapy: Vapozone / Vapore, Ozone

Therapy time: 1 - 60 min (adjustable)

Intensity: 3 levels

Area for aromatherapy (aroma oil)

Automatic stop in case if the water level is too low

Adjustable head for 360 degrees

Power: 800W

Vapozon SF1 33900294


Vapozon M

Code: 33900145

Therapy: Vapozone / Vapore, Ozone

Therapy time: 1 - 30 min (adjustable)

Adjustable head for 180 degrees

Power: 650W

Vapozon M 33900145


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