Medio UniSono eco
  • New device Medio UniSono eco allows electrotherapy, ultrasound or combined stimulation
  • Electrotherapy: IF 4-pole, IF 2-pole, Russian, EMS and TENS
  • Multifrequency ultrasound probe: 1 MHz or 3 MHz
  • Therapy can be conducted on surface and deeper tissues to reduce swelling, inflammations and chronic pain
  • Ergonomically shaped and waterproof ultrasound probe with visual and sound indicators of skin contact




We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the MEDICA Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, date 20 - 23.11.2013 in:

• HALL 10


We look forward to seeing you!

We have developed a revolutionary new machine TESLA Stym - Functional Magnetic Stimulation - FMS which achieves the magnetic field strength up to 1,5 Tesla.

  • Functional Magnetic Stimulation FMS
  • New innovative joint pain relief treatment
  • Noninvasive and painless method
  • Easy to reach every part of the body
  • Magnetic field strength up to 1,5 Tesla
  • Possibility of fixing the applicator


Magneto-STYMNew innovative Functional Magnetic Stimulation FMS is often said to solve key drawbacks of established electrical muscle stimulation methods in rehabilitation. Magnetic fields cause less pain, allow deep penetration into nonhomogeneous biological tissue and do not require skin contact. MMS™ does not stimulate pain fibers at the skin surface, thus reducing discomfort when compared to conventional electrical stimulation.

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