Green Press 5


  • 5-channel devices for medical lymph drainage
  • The ideal tool for the therapy of various lymphatic edemas
  • Highly effective basic anti-cellulite therapy
  • Prevention of swollen feet and cramp veins
  • 7 standard and 7 or 14 free programs
  • Adjustable drainage parameters – pressure, compression and pause duration, therapy time



A modern way of life brings a pile of undesirable effects on our body. Stress, very little or no physical exercise, junk food and overweight – all these things impact the body metabolism and its functioning. Unfortunately, the consequences of such life are visible and sometimes painful:

  • Impairment of the blood circulation – tummy, thighs, hip and buttock are
  • the most affected body parts;
  • Accumulation of the metabolic waste products causing the proliferation
  • of connective tissues;
  • Increase in number and size of fat cells;
  • Leg edema;
  • Varicose veins.

The Green PRESS 8 and Green PRESS 5 can provide both preventive and curative therapy for all these conditions. Therefore, they are a valuable acquisition for every physiotherapy office, hospital, beauty salon, wellness or spa center.

Both Green PRESS models are computer controlled devices based on the principle of manual lymph drainage. The air is pumped into the cuffs that consist of 8 or 5 compartments. The compartment pressure is adjustable and can be easily controlled via front board of the instrument.

Release and compression of the different vascular and lymphatic structures during the drainage immediately results in the influx of blood along with nourishing elements, and the elimination of fluids and metabolic waste products. This leads to the edema reduction, stimulation of a sluggish immune system, enhancement of cellular level immunity, reduction of scar tissue, and last but not least, reduction of cellulite.

The devices offer seven pre-set programs that help the therapist to select the optimal treatment for each individual patient and/or condition. Additional seven or fourteen programs are free to be created by the user according to her/his experience and needs.

The Green PRESS devices offer a variety of applications ranging from the treatment of edema, veins, and injuries of musculoskeletal system to the treatment of all cellulite stages. In addition, they also represent an excellent complementary therapy to various body contouring and cellulite reduction techniques (cavitation treatment, ultrasound therapy, electrotherapy, anticellulite creams, etc.).


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